Workshops with Monkey Boys Productions

Monkey Boys Productions and its co-founders, Michael and Marc, have over twenty years experience in the entertainment industry, and they want to share it with you and your students. We are a multi-medium production company that specializes in designing, fabricating, and performing puppets, props, practical effects, creatures, costumes, and entertainment for all ages.

Our unique journey, from a tiny puppet company started by a group of friends, to becoming a “go-to” collaborator for some of the industry’s biggest names, can help inspire students to find their own paths in the professional world. We offer presentations on our history and experiences, starting with our childhood inspirations, moving though our educational twists and turns, and sharing stories from our professional adventures on Little Shop of Horrors, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show, and Saturday Night Live! (to name a few.)

We are teachers, too, and have taught puppetry workshops in Philadelphia, New York, and at many schools, including Temple University, Ithaca College, and The University of Southern Maine. Having performed, as puppeteers, with The Muppets, Sesame Street, and on stage at Carnegie Hall, Broadway, Lincoln Center, and The Metropolitan Opera, we are able to share our experience and knowledge with students of any level or interest. We offer workshops in Video, Bunraku/Table Top, Shadow, Rod, and General Puppetry styles, and we can custom fit our workshops to fit your interests.

We offer classes for younger audiences, as well. Our What’s a Puppet? workshop teaches kids about the history and types of puppets, and while How to Make Your Own Puppet Show teaches how you can create your own puppet show with household items.

We offer many options and can work within most budgets. Please email us to find out how Monkey Boys Productions can help you bring a fun and exciting event to your school.